Sundazed (Darker Daze Mix)

from by The Twin Paradox



Be - lyrics and vocals
(mt) - everything else


The light hits me, and I need to breathe life, and so I proceed to inhale, let me take it all in.
On the verge of a revelation, on the edge of my destination, I exhale, and I fully fall in.

I evened out around the equator. Took the time I’ve been saving for later. Surprised how the change in latitude caused a change in attitude. Now I burn for those solar moments, and turn with the urges they foment to realize my rebirth, my connection with the Earth.

Give me some of that warm and bright sunshine
To release me from a cold and darker time
To relieve me every fear and doubt of mine
And break me off some peace of mind
Let it ease my mind

Into the blue of the ocean, and out of the bluest emotion, I give me whole-hearted devotion. Sweet thing, could pass me the lotion? The light hits me and I blink, and everything is bright in my sight, and I might take flight tonight if I drink, feeling like I am all kinds of alright.

I need to my feet on white sand. I need to sip this glass in my hand. I need someone out there to understand how much this man standing here needs a suntan. I want to take a fast car to a fast plane. I want to take it past far, change my last name. I want a taste of the good life, good times with a twist of lime, now give me some of that warm and bright sunshine . . .

The light hits me like a gift, an ever-present lift and I groove to tidal rise-and-fall of it all, and I don’t ever want to move. I feel like anything is possible. I feel like everything is optional. Get over me, it ‘sthe only obstacle, and get myself a little bit of tropical.

The light hits me and melts away the stress I had from before, makes me need to feel what I felt, and I’m a fiend who always wants more. So I’m in this state planting palm trees, in my head ‘til the dread is beyond me, with my head full of zombie, I want to feel it fall upon me.

Give me some of that warm and bright sunshine . . .


from INVARIANCES, released February 5, 2014



all rights reserved


The Twin Paradox New York, New York

THE TWIN PARADOX - a virtual experimental hybrid electroacoustic band.

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